BAGELS BAGELS BAGELS: For the Love of Bagels

I stopped by New York City on my way home from a work trip (I was at King Arthur Flour HQ with my organic food homies - do people still say homies? no, they don’t) and my main request, food-wise, was bagels and pizza. I mean, I am sure there are plenty of amazing places to eat in the city, but I’m relatively spoiled by the Bay Area restaurant offerings, and actually just really hate to wait in line/wait outside/wait in general to eat someplace really expensive. Paulina and I had bagels twice in a weekend, and one day we split a bagel only to go back and get another bagel. This is like an SAT question I would like to answer.

I have no idea if these are even authentic, or what. We went to Baker’s Dozen in Greepoint, had one egg and cheese on salt, one scallion cream cheese on everything, one scallion cream cheese on egg.

- Nellie

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