Scallion and Carnitas Empanadas: A Lengthy Exercise in Failure

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Sure, you say. Anything that starts off like this CAN’T be bad. Glistening crispy shards of pork shoulder from that gas station in Pescadero that makes the world’s best carnitas. Yes. And I sent them off to be slaughtered in a crumbly pie sawdust mess stuffed with hard boiled eggs, yukon gold potatoes, and fresh baby scallions. I know what happened. My butter got to room temperature and I added too much water to the dough. Thinking about it makes me sad all over again.

I mean, I still ate them over the next few days. I started dunking them in salsa to cure the dryness. And maybe in coffee. I might have had straight up double strength black coffee with these babies for breakfast.

Still not recipe-worthy, though. I’ll work on it and get back to you. I will conquer you, fickle dumplings.

- N

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