Success! Chipotle Black Bean Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Black bean burgers and I go way back, in a bad way. I suck at making vegetarian burgers. As an omnivore with a heavy preference for vegetable-bashed dishes, burgers, carbs and cheese, you would think this is something I would have down by now. Instead, I flail and feel very uncomfortable starting black bean burger recipes much in the way that I feel about salmon patties which is an entirely different story (good God, woman, pull yourself together). I’ve always heard that homemade veggie burger patties are tastier than the stuff in freezer aisles, plus they’re much more economical and have a lot less weird stuff in them.

But every time I pulled out a can of black beans, I knew the mushy, sticking, flavorless doom that would inevitably follow the start of any black bean recipe followed by a way-too-high baking time that just scorched the living cow patty heck out of them.

This time, I swore I would see them to their rightful end, as rightful as any end can be when it involves food. 

Half of the problem with homemade black bean burgers in the past was my fault. You (and I) really shouldn’t make these in a blender unless you want black bean dip. If you want black bean dip, then by all means, forge forward with that blender of yours!

The other problem is that I wasn’t measuring. You really have to think of black bean burgers as like kind of like a baked good, even if you’re not baking them. You don’t have to bake these because they won’t fall apart in a skillet. 


I found this recipe on Pinterest and made the burgers last week for dinner, using my Cuisinart. Spoilerrrrr: I absolutely loved them. Dare I say — okay, we’re not starting the sentence with that. I would say that I was pretty overjoyed, which is saying a lot for a burger not made of loosely ground sirloin and chuck blends.

Chipotle pepper, tons of cilantro, sweet white corn, black beans, egg, S&P, garlic powder, and bread crumbs marry into an easily shapeable patty that comes together for a pretty quick and delicious dinner. I followed the recipe exactly and can’t suggest any better alterations, unless maybe you like green chiles, but the water content might throw off the amount of bread crumbs you use. 

I topped them with grilled onions, avocado-lime mash, bacon, & a bit of Kewpie mayo, and also made sure to toast the buns. Alexia Sweet Potato Chipotle fries are an easy addition to the meal - a little bit faster than chopping up sweet potatoes and coating them up. I made a dipping sauce of more Kewpie (finally bought it at Berkeley Bowl, and I am drinking that Kool-Aid pretty hard), BBQ sauce, ketchup, lime juice, hot sauce, green onions, salt & pepper. Sounds disgusting but you would really be shocked at what’s in fry-sauces at restaurants, so there. 

Anyway, I hope you liked this recipe as much as I did, and please feel free to go on over to Katherine’s blog and send her your compliments. 

P.S. Weren’t you all so excited to see Paulina’s last post? Girl is BACK on her food blog game! I have encouraged her to write about our brunch at Saul’s (she was in town last weekend and we had so much funnnn).

- Nellie

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